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Sweat for Thirst

Length - 29:49
- 1080P -
Published 24 June, 2022

The girls went out hiking on a hot summer day. While Rosie wore suitable boots, Candy took her sweatbooster plastic boots, which seem totally inadequate for long walks. Rosie was so certain, that sooner or later Candy will give up, the two had a bet: if Candy makes it faster to the top of the hill, she’ll lick the sweat off her soles. Unfortunate for her, Candy is well used to these boots, she wins the bet easily. She waits Rosie sunbathing on a cliff, her soles awaiting a chilling tongue! Rosie arrives tired and thirsty, but Candy gives her no water but the sweat off her soles!

She has to lick every drop and there’s more than a lot! However, Candy’s salty sweat is no good for Rosie’s thirst, but there’s a kinky solution: Candy allows her to drink from the sweat-soaked boots themselves! She makes the poor girl chill the soles of her feet with her tongue for almost half an hour, out in public with cars, even buses passing by every minute! Candy acts out this scene in a never seen before, super-cute manner, however, despite being adorable and lovely, she is still relentless about her sweat to be swallowed!

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