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Taylor & Brianna’s Funny Game


Length - 07:50
- 1080P -
Published 29 July, 2022

Taylor and Brianna really like to make fun with this loser slave so they wanted to show him a brand new funny game! The game is that he will have to compare the smell and the taste of their sweaty feet! Just for fun! Taylor is the first one to take her high heels shoes off so she completely covers slave’s face with sweaty naked feet! How does it smell? Does it smell like a long shift as a barmaid? Are they sweaty? Brianna also wants the slave to take her shoes off to cover his face with her sweaty bare feet! The girls just can’t stop laughing now so they totally cover slave face with their four feet! Happy hour! Two for one! It seems like he’s really having a hard time to breathe! The girls want to improve with this game so they will give instructions each their turn!

Taylor just turn herself on the other side and Brianna is the first one to give some instructions! Lick the bottom of her feet from the toes to the heels! Up and down! Taylor also likes to gives some instructions about what to do with Brianna’s feet! She wants him to lick all the dirt in between each of her toes but it seems like Brianna is really ticklish! There is also a super shot with four feet in his face while the girls are on their knees! The girls want to give some instructions again and Taylor spits on Brianna’s feet just to add on the humiliation and wants this loser slave to lick her spit on Brianna’s feet! What a shame! It seems like the girls really make fun to humiliate this loser slave! Really Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

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