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Terribly Stinky Feet For New Slave Girl Her First Time


Length - 10:31
- 1080P -
Published 3 September, 2022

Stella makes new slave girl Lucy to worship her feet. It is the first time licking feet for Lucy. This is a new experience for her and hard challenge. Hard because Stella’s feet absolutely disgusting stink. She came to shoot right after work, for ten hours her feet were in closed old shoes. When she takes off her shoes, the whole room is captive to her stink! A lot of dirt mixed with sweat on her big and wide soles. Stella is absolutely not worried about slave girl.

She knows it is her first time of licking feet. She just says Lick everything from my feet! And slave girl licks! She licks dirt and sweat from big soles, sucks toes and removes toe jam between toes. After all Stella’s feet, look really cleaner. When we finished shooting Lucy said -I still feel the taste of foot sweat in my mouth. It is disgusting! I need to rinse my mouth. I do not know if she would agree lick feet again

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