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Length - 06:06 -
Definition - 1080P

The Banana Challenge with Marilyn Mansion

Major minx Marilyn Mansion has a wonderfully playful personality so she is a perfect candidate for the silly and sexy banana challenge. She’s not the slightest bit shy about wrapping those cute little toes around the erect fruit and working it delightfully to uncover the slimy prize inside. Marilyn sets a record with the incredibly quick process. She claims that it’s her first time tackling a banana with her sexy size six-and-a-half feet, but that’s hard to believe. Rather than doubt her claim, it’s more important to celebrate such an incredible feat with such gorgeous, petite feet.

Archer Legend steps up to the plate to do his thing. Using his long, moist tongue he cleans all of the slick banana residue off her feet while lavishing her soles and toes with appropriate oral attention. It is easy to see that this is fun for both of them. As he licks and nibbles every part of those sweet feet, Archer’s mind imagines what other incredible things Marilyn Mansion can possibly do with her tasty, talented feet and toes.

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