The Beautiful Emmy Loves to Have Her Ticklish Feet Tickled and Licked


Length – 14:14 – 720P

Emmy is a new beautiful 23 years old girl who absolutely loves to be tickled especially on her magnificent feet. The Tickler tries differents techniques on her soft milky soles and toes as the feathers, fingers, hairbrushes and his tongue of course. By the way she is one of these rare girls to be very sensitive to the feathers and her laughter is so delicious to our ears.

Emmy loves to have her soles and toes sucked and licked even if it makes her laugh uncontrollably then she asked for more punishment this is why this clip is more long than usual. This clip is mostly bare feet tickling but you’ll enjoy a lot of upperbody tickle torture too especially on her sexy underarms. This new model is a real tickle toy and it is very difficult to stop tickling her very sensitive body.

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