The Beautiful Prisca Discovers Tickling Fetish : Bare Feet Tickling


Length – 11:18 – 720P

The beautiful Prisca is a new 21 years old model with an incredible ticklishness. She has the particularity to be extremely sensitive to the feathers and of course with every techniques as fingers, brushes etc… To give you an idea she loses control when you tickle her hands or her arms then you can imagine how she reacts when her soles or underarms are tickled.

Every inch of her sexy body is deathly ticklish and belly button tickling lovers will be delighted by her reactions. Prisca’s first experience begins with a merciless bare soles and toes tickle torture. She’s immobized in our device with her feet up and she’s tickled by the FT Tickler who explore every ways with every techniques to drive her insane each second of the clip. THIS GIRL IS HORRIBLY TICKLISH EVERYWHERE and she has an explosive laughter with convulsive reactions when she loses control of herself.

The Tickler has a lot of fun with these so ticklish feet and he really knows how to get the most hysterical laughter. This is a real merciless and intensive feet tickling session for very sadistical foot tickling lovers. What a pleasure to enjoy an insanely ticklish girl as Prisca pushed to her limits!

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