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The Beautiful Sandrine Is Wrapped for a Very Long Tickling Punishment

The beautiful Sandrine is back for a very long punishment.
She’s strongly wrapped on the table with her sexy ticklish feet and upperbody totally vulnerable.
This clip has two parts because during the first half she’s immobilized on her back and for the second part
she’s wrapped face down.
The guy knows exactly how to get the best reactions from her and the poor Sandrine loses control without any way
to escape the tickling fingers and brushes.

Sandrine’s toes are particulary sensitive to the tongue and her reactions are nice when the guy worship her feet.
The tickler plays with her soles, toes, sides, back, neck and with her underarms.
Sandrine is as ticklish as she’s beautiful and less she can move more she laughs.
This clip is more long than usual because we really wanted to push her to her ticklish limits.

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