The bgtprods tickler drives the young lisabeth crazy in the stocks



Length – 13:09

The young 18 years old dancer Lisabeth is back and strongly immobilized in the stocks for a full body tickling punishment.
She is totally at the mercy of our friend from BGTPRODS who asked us if he could have fun with her.
Lisabeth is a fantastic model because every inch of her perfect body is ultra sensitive and less she can move more she is ticklish.

The lucky guy tickles her without mercy from head to toes and he particularly focuses on her underarms, sides, hips and on her horribly ticklish bare feet.
Lisabeth can’t stop to laugh all long the clip and she becomes crazy due to the fact she absolutely can’t move at all.

This is a really intensive tickle torture on a really really ticklish young beauty.
Yes we are very sadistic but we know that this is exactly what you love to see.

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