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The Deathly Ticklish Asian Student Is Back on the Device – Bare Feet Tickling Punishment

The Tickler attacks now Thian’s weak point! As you know The sexy girl hates and can’t stand to have her bare feet tickled then this position is an horrible situation especially due to the fact she absolutely can’t move and that she can’t see what happens on her soles and toes.

She’s extremely nervous and each touch on her helpless feet make her explode in a fountain of laughter. The guy experiments different techniques on the helpless soles and toes with his fingers, feathers, hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes. If you enjoy asian girls with extremely ticklish feet you’re welcome! Thian’s soles and toes are ready one more time for your pleasure.

The Tickler attacks now Thian's weak point! As you know The sexy girl hates and can't stand to have her bare feet...

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