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Length - 10:15 -
Definition - 1080P

The Horribly Ticklish Dancer Maelina Loses Control

The beautiful Maelina is a true 26 years old dance teacher we met a few time ago and she’s
without a doubt in our TOP FIVE of the most ticklish girls we have ever seen!
She is strongly immobilized on the bench for a merciless punishment on her HORRIBLY TICKLISH UPPERBODY.

If you love to watch an insanely ticklish girl become crazy you’ll not be disappointed by this new hysterical model.
Maelina is ultra sensitive and her devilish reactions are just priceless.
In the past we worked with Claire, another professional dancer with insane reactions to tickling so one wonders
that if dancing makes the girls becoming more ticklish.
When wee see Maelina’s crazy reactions we are absolutely convinced.

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