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Length - 10:01 -
Definition - 720P

The Insanely Ticklish Student Agathe Loses Control : Upperbody Punishment

The cute student Agathe is now immobilized with all her body vulnerable to tickle . She’s upperbody tickled by her friend Cathia and by the Tickler here during ten long and horrible minutes. Agathe is just one of our most explosive model and she absolutely hates and can’t stand to be tickled. She’s INSANELISH ticklish everywhere and bellybutton tickle lovers will enjoy this girl and her hysterical reactions when she’s tickled here.

The two ticklers use their fingers and the electric toothbrushes concentrating this instrument on the EXTREMELY sensitive areas. You can see on the pictures how Agathe becomes crazy and how she loses her mind but she absolutely can’t move and this situation probably makes her more hysterical!

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