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Length - 20:16 -
Definition - 720P

The redhead beauty gets her revenge on the hysterical mannon : Full

The redhead beauty is extremely impatient to get her revenge on her new ticklish friend. Mannon is strongly tied on the table with all her most ticklish spots exposed to tickle . Hortense begins her revenge on Mannon’s insanely ticklish bare feet. She tickles her soles and toes with her long nails and with hairbrushes.

As usual Mannon loses control on the table but she can’t move at all and the sadistical Hortense loves this great situation. She absolutely wants to see Mannon become totally crazy and she does her best to get the maximum laughter. Mannon is absolutely hysterical all long the clip and this F/F bare feet tickle is a Masterpiece for every bare feet tickle lovers.

After a merciless bare feet tickle this is now time for Mannon to have her upperbody punished too. Hortense discovered with us that she loves to tickle a helpless super ticklish girl and to make her become insane. Mannon is really the perfect ticklish slave and Hortense has so much fun with her crazy reactions.

This girl is one of our most ticklish model and her explosive reactions are always a delight to watch. Fortunately Mannon is strongly immobilized then her ticklers can push her out of her limits one more time.

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