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Length - 15:27 -
Definition - 1080P

The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 1: Divine Foot Worship Wager !

In ancient Egypt, Nefertiki (played by Honey), a sorceress and servant of the goddess Isis meets with Eris, the Greek goddess of strife (played by Jessica Jones).  But, this is no social call for Eris.  She not-so-secretly covets Nefertiki’s golden sandals and makes a wager with the Egyptian sorceress, to win them!  Eris bets Nefertiki that she can’t seduce the Greek goddess’ most faithful servant, without using her powers!  Nefertiki accepts and Eris summons her servant, Amara (played by Dacey Harlot).

Nefertiki immediately turns on the charm, when she sees the beautiful and innocent-looking young woman.  She uses a coy act to get Amara to massage her feet.  Eris rolls her eyes, but before the foot rub is done, Amara is already enamored with Nefertiki!  The Egyptian sorceress cheats ever so slightly and makes rings of sweet ambrosia appear on her toes, as a reward for Amara!

The sexy servant girl greedily eats the sweet food of the gods from Nefertiki’s long, graceful toes, then licks and sucks the remaining sweet residue away, in a divine foot worshiping session!  Amara continues to suck Nefertiki’s toes and worship her feet even afterward!  She’s so taken with the exotic, Egyptian that she refers to her as “goddess”!

Eris loses it.  She’s outraged, not only for losing, but because Nefertiki isn’t a goddess at all!  Eris banishes Amara to Limbo and now Nefertiki faces the wrath of a furious and unstable goddess!  To be continued!

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