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The sexiest tickling video you will ever see! Part 1

Definition - 1080P
Length - 11:48


You have never seen such a sexy tickling video!


We knew that Bulgarian chicks are ticklish, but who could have imagined this level of ticklishness. Today we have the beautiful Galya with us and she has the sexiest ticklish laughter and attitude I have ever witnessed. Our meeting was a bliss from God! You will feel it as a bliss, too. Believe me!


This is the first tickling experience for the Bulgarian beauty and omg is she ticklish.


Galya is blindfolded and she has no idea what is about to happen. The tickler starts by tickling her delicious feet with a sharp shaped, soft feather, perfect for tickling. At first Galya is confused as she is blind and doesn’t see the tickler, nor what torment devices he has set for her. But with each upwards and downwards stroke of the feather on her sensitive soles, her laugh intensifies as her enormous ticklishness unveils before us. It doesn’t take long before Galya breaks completely and let’s the tickling and the laughter absorb her. Even the slightest touch of the feather drives her crazy. But the tickler is not over yet. After the feet he continues the merciless feather tickling on her tummy and sides and this is where Galya goes completely nuts. It turns out that the belly area is the most sensitive part of Galya’s body, especially her belly button, which the tickler exploits with pleasure. She laughs, squirms, begs for mercy, but nothing can stop the tickling.


Several times she says she can’t breathe, but the tickler doesn’t stop. After he is done with the feather he exploits her sides, ribs and belly with his fingers. The fingers bring even extremer tickling sensation for the pure girl and she goes completely crazy! Her convulsions and hysteric laughter are a ticklers dream!


At the end of the video the tickler uses an electric flosser on her feet and toes. There is a special moment when she is totally surprised by the device of torment and goes nuts ones the top of the floss touches her toes. It’s beautiful. You will love it!


With last effort Galya finds strength to laugh to compensate for the tickling sensation.


This video will give a maximum pleasure to those who enjoy feather tickling of a beautiful, very ticklish girl and those of you who love torturous tickling of a defenseless beauty.


As always, the entire video is subtitled in English.

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