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The sexiest tickling video you will ever see! Part 2

Definition - 1080P
Length - 08:43


The sexiest tickling video you will ever see!


You have never seen such a sexy tickling video!


This is part two of the tickle torment of beautiful Galya. In the first part, the tickler drove her crazy with his feather tickling all over her body. In the second part, Galya lies on her belly, with her hair set free. Her uncontrollable hair rotations will give you a hint of how ticklish she is. The tickler begins with gentle touches on her waist, and sides, then moves on to her thighs. Being already hypersensitive from the previous tickling, Galya begins to laugh and squirm.

Then the tickler tries a new position. He positions himself above her, with her body between his legs. After that, he sticks his fingers into Galya’s ribs and sides and the explosion of laughter begins. The poor girl laughs hysterically, twists and curls up begs for mercy, but the tickling continues. Her hair is everywhere and the sound of arousing laughter fills the room.

After a while, the tickler adds his favorite feathers and the suffering for Galya begins again. She is tickled on her sides, waist, and underarms. Like in the first video, the poor girl laughs uncontrollably and begs for mercy, but none is given.

At the end of the video, the tickler goes back to her feet with a hairbrush. As you can imagine the brush provokes an unbearable tickling sensation to Galya’s soft and creamy feet skin. The beauty laughs, and laughs, and laughs, till she is left out of breath.

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