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The Sexy Celyn Is Back & More Ticklish Than Ever

Definition - 720P
Length - 22:01


After almost 2 years the sexy Celyn is back for a new session with us and wow… for unknown reasons she is clearly even more ticklish than ever.
This girl is so cute and her reactions to tickling are so explosive that she really missed to us and we contacted her a few weeks ago to ask her if she would still be interested to be tickled in our productions.
She immediately answered “oh yes with pleasure” so we offered her a new great tickle experience on her own table.
She is tied in spread eagle position for a ruthless punishment on her upperbody, legs and bare feet of course.
Her reactions was just crazy.
We don’t know why but she seems to have many difficulties to endure tickling now and she particulary suffers when it becomes intensive.
This is so great and the Tickler punished her without mercy till she goes nuts.
The super ticklish Celyn is back for your pleasure and she endured here the worst tickling of her life.

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