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Length - 09:32 -
Definition - 1080P

The Stocks get Wiam Down

Wiam enjoyed torturing her new friend Myriam, but now the tables have turned and she’s the one locked on the stocks, bare feet and at the crew’s mercy ! Wiam is an extremely ticklish 19 years old girl, and she fears a bit what’s coming considering that she has already seen her co-worker suffer a few minutes before. The LLT guy is the first to tickle the poor girl, and he starts to tease her feet with his skilled fingers ! Enough to break Wiam’s defenses ! The toes are especially sensitive, and of course they’s spotted 😉 !

Then the real torture can begin. Wiam’s soles are so vulnerable with her toes tied, and every scrub, every touch is absolutely awful for the poor victim ! She laughs hard, she struggles too, and she also chats a lot. A LOT ! She begs, she criticizes the tickler, she even insults him a couple of times … and the GT guy joins the battle then ! One on her feet, one on her sides, and Wiam is going mad ! She had never experienced something like this in her entire life, and she will probably never face it again, so we had to be as evil as we can 😛 ! The scene is shorter than Myriam’s one since we had time trouble, but you can trust me : Wiam had for her money !

Wiam enjoyed torturing her new friend Myriam, but now the tables have turned and she's the one locked on the stocks, bare...
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