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Length - 14:30 -
Definition - 1080P

The Story of How Olivia The Photographer Became A Tickling Model

The story how Olivia the photographer became a tickling model
This is the first clip where Olivia speaks English, so all conversations in the clip are in English. This is a tickling clip with a storyline.
Based on the story, Olivia is a portrait photographer. A businessman ordered a photoshoot from her and invited her to his place. Olivia comes to his house, and he leads her to the shooting location. She takes out the equipment, watches around looking for a beautiful angle, stumbles with her gaze at a strange structure, covered with a blanket.

– Do you like it?
– It’s a very stretch thing, how does it work?
– It’s training device, I’ll show you

The man explains to Olivia that this is a special device on which you need to strench your ABS muscles and asked if she would like to try, Olivia agrees…
What a surprise it was for the naive beauty, who got caught by hand and legs in big stocks! He tricked her and now he’s going to tickle her bare feet and ribs properly. Olivia is protesting, she obviously didn’t expect this, but he doesn’t care and he is already taking off a sneaker from her foot… Enjoy!

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