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The ticklish sisters in the stocks : Full

Evana gets now her revenge on her ticklish step-sister. Cathel’s feet are as ticklish as her step-sister and this revenge is a delight to watch.

The FT tickler helps Evana to drive Cathel crazy and he shows her some good techniques on her helpless soles and between her toes. At the end of the clip the ticklers attack Cathel’s legs and upperbody without mercy for an ultimate fountain of laughter. Two sexy ticklish sisters pushed to their limits under tickle torture…What a nice day!

The delicious Evana is immobilized in the stocks with her little bare feet totally vunerable for a merciless tickling. Her step-sister Cathel and the Tickler are very impatient to have fun with these VERY ticklish feet and they’re decided to drive their poor ticklee crazy. They tickle her successively and at the same time with different techniques to discover which works best. Every ways gives some excellent results but she’s particulary hysterical when they use electric toothbrushes on their soles and toes.

They discover too that she’s horribly ticklish on her knees then they tickle her in this way at the end of the clip. As you can see on the picture Evana loses control when her feet are tickled and this is the first time in her life that she can’t remove her feet from a tickling punishment. This situation makes her more ticklish than ever!

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