The ultra ticklish escort girl loses her mind in the stocks



Length : 17:00

We have had the opportunity to have fun with an ultra ticklish escort girl who really enjoys being submitted. Louve  is a real 29 years old escort girl who loves new original and arousing experiences.

We offered her to be strongly immobilized and tickled to her limits and she was immediately interested in the idea.
What a wonderful model with a body as beautiful as it is ticklish!

Louve is tickled from head to toes on her neck, hips, belly, sides, breasts, nipples, underarms, legs and on her insanely ticklish bare feet.
The guy does his best to push her to her limits and the helpless beauty becomes crazy without any way to escape the tickle torture.

She loses her mind in the stocks all along this long session and you’ll remember this exceptional ticklee for years.
If you love hysterical models you’ll not be disappointed by the incredible Louve.

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