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The ultra ticklish Lisabeth meets 3 sadistic ticklers : Full

The ultra ticklish young student Lisabeth is back for a new challenge.
She has to endure approximatively 50 minutes of merciless tickle torture with 3 sadistic ticklers totally decided to break her.
She is successively tickled everywhere by Veronique then the FT Tickler and to finish she is in the hands of a guest friend who love to drive girls crazy.
What a devilish program and this first clip is the part 01 with Veronique as tickler.

Lisabeth is tied on the bed at the mercy of Veronique who tickle her hyper ticklish bare feet, legs, hips, sides, belly, underarms and neck.
Veronique’s fingers are so efficient that the young beauty laughs crazily all long the session with some nice convulsive reactions at some moments.
The beauty bursts out with an uncontrollable laughter who incitate Veronique to never stop the punishment.
But at the end of this first punishment she will must let her place to the second tickler.

After a merciless tickle session with Veronique as tickler this is time for the poor Lisabeth to be at the mercy of the ruthless FT Tickler.
The girl is immobilized face down and intensively tickled on her bare feet, legs, hips, sides, neck and underarms.
Lisabeth is even more ticklish in this position and the fact that she can’t see her tickler is an horrible situation for her.
She becomes totally crazy all long this second part and we don’t know how she will find some energy to face the third tickler.
But this is another session…

This is now time for Lisabeth to meet the third tickler of her special tickling day.
The guy is very efficient with good techniques and he shows her exactly how to drive a girl crazy.
He attacks her sides, hips, neck and underarms during the first 6 minutes of the clip then he attacks the sexy feet for the rest of the session.
Socks tickle lovers will enjoy the long punishment in this way and after 5 minutes he removes the dark socks for a sadistic bare soles tickle torture.
Lisabeth can’t stop laughing till the last second of the tickling and her sexy reactions are so cute that we could enjoy it for hours.
A young beauty who really endured the longest tickle torture of her life.

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