This Is Alanis's Turn to Lose Control On the Bed


Length - 14:12 - 720P

After enduring a merciless tickle Salomee was impatient to have fun on Alanis’s helpless body.
This is her turn to endure and as Salomee she is horribly ticklish everywhere especially on her super ticklish soles who are her weak point.
Salome explores methodically all her most ticklish spots and she tickles Alanis’s upperbody for a very long period.
By the way her underarms are just….. Wonderful!

The second half of the clip is an explosive bare feet tickle and Alanis is really tickled to exhaustion.
She bursts out with uncontrollable laughter as fingers and brushes run on her soft and milky soles and toes.
You’ll see on her face how she suffers and how she enjoys it at the same time because even if it drives her insane Alanis loves to be tickled.
These two girls are just incredible and this session with revenge is a real masterpiece in tickling fetish.

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