This Is Salomee 's Turn to Tickle Gwenola's Soles

Length – 12:28

This is now Salomee’s turn to have fun as tickler with Gwenola’s horribly ticklish soles and toes.

Both girls are as ticklish as they’re sadistic tickler and this revenge is great.
The FT Tickler shows some good techniques to the new girl and he helps her to get the hottest reactions but this is a nice revenge time.

Gwenola goes crazy and her soft soles are some perfect tickle toys because they are terrifyingly ticklish.
Her feet are probably her weak point and she obviously feels much more vulnerable and sensitive in this position.

The poor helpless girl can’t stand the punishment in this way and the ticklers have so mush fun with her.
Another must see for all bare foot tickling lovers!

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