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Length - 12:16 -
Definition - 720P

This Is Salomee’s Turn To Be Punished on the Table

This is now Salomee’s turn to be mercilessly punished by her friend Charleen and by the Tickler.
Salomee is really ULTRA ticklish everywhere and as her friend her punishment is 50% upperbody and 50% bare feet tickling.
The beautiful Charleen has so much fun and she explores her friend’s body to discover all her most ticklish spots.
As usual the crazily ticklish Salomee becomes hysterical and she explodes in laughter on the table without any way to escape.

The ticklers don’t stop tickling her sexy soles and sensitive upperbody until she’s totally exhausted as they did with Charleen a few minutes ago.
Salomee has really an incredible personality for tickling and we can say that she’s probably made for that!

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