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This Is the Ft Tickler’s Turn to Drive Lexa Insane

This is now the FT Tickler’s turn to have fun with the insanely ticklish Lexa who has her feet ready for the punishment of her life.
Lexa can’t stand to be tickled especially on her soles and toes who are by far her weak points.
The clip is mostly feet punishment but the tickler gets her legs and upperbody too for the maximum tickle fun.
Feathers, fingers and different tickle tools run on the soft soles and toes till the helpless girl goes nuts.

The FT Tickler torments her soles every way he can discovering what techniques work the best and get the most laughter.
He doesn’t stop tickling her sexy soles and sensitive upperbody until she’s totally exhausted.
Look on her face, as she suffer.

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