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Length - 10:53 -
Definition - 1080P

Throat & Tongue Training

A well trained footslave must obtain certain skills: lick soles continuously as long as the Mistress wants it without any sign of tiring and endure lasting footgag sessions without throwing up, amongst many others.

This requires regular training, obedience and enthusiasm. This time Dorothy has a lesson to teach. She wore her smelly sneakers without socks to ensure an overwhelming stink her slave has to inhale to condition his mind to the coming training. He obediently breathes in the sour scent of the 18 y/o sweaty soles and licks them just the way Dorothy wants it.

However, maybe his tongue is ready, his throat is far from acceptable: he chokes hard each time his Mistress shoves her feet into his mouth! The relentless brat keeps the footboy constantly on the edge of throwing up: he must fight his reflexes because befouling her beautiful feet would be unforgivable!

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