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(Tickle) Fight Quest! Pt 1: Ruby Roundhouse vs Juri Han!


Length –  19:04 – 1080P

JUMANJI/STREET FIGHTER CROSSOVER PARODY: This is a custom order.  It’s the year 2065.  A video game, called Fight Quest has taken the internet by storm!  Fight Quest allows players to choose any classic video game character and merge with them, in virtual martial arts competition for a $50,000 prize!

Reagan Lush is ready to jump in, take the money and run, as Ruby Roundhouse, from Jumanji.  She looks at Ruby’s strengths and weaknesses and finds only one strange weakness … “Very ticklish”.  She thinks nothing of it, though and breezes through levels 1, 2 and 3 with ease.  Level 4 presents a challenge, however.  She/Ruby must steal a giant emerald from a temple guarded by the evil Juri Han (played by Nicole Oring)!  Ruby battles Juri and gets humbled, when the evil Asian femme fatale tickles her armpits and ribs, just when Ruby is about to win!  Juri K.Os Ruby, as she rolls on floor, laughing helplessly.

Soon, Ruby finds herself in the stocks.  It isn’t enough that Juri beat her.  Now, she wants to toy with her!  Juri has no pressing matters on which to interrogate Ruby, but she does want to know if Ruby’s feet are as ticklish as the rest of her!  With that, she rips the sole off one of Ruby’s hiking boots, revealing a very warm, sweaty and ticklish bare foot!

Ruby howls and shrieks with laughter, cackling away as she flails and thrashes about, in hysterics!  Tiny, skittering fingernails send Ruby into a frantic, sole-scrunching, toe-wriggling fit, and it only looks to get worse!  Soon enough, Juri rips the sole off Ruby’s other boot.  Now, both feet are at Juri’s mercy!

Calligraphy rushes, the hairbrush, a feather and the claw massager are brought to bear against Ruby’s fitfully flailing feet and the laugh-addled redhead reaches her breaking point!  Her heartbeat quickens, til she’s out of breath!  Finished!  Reagan’s merge with Ruby is broken and the angry blonde now sits at her computer, furious!  Did she really just get taken out … by tickling???  Now, she’s mad and game for a rematch!  Can she even the score with Juri and win the game?  To be continued!  Want your own awesome custom, starring Reagan or Nicole?  Email us now!

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