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Tickle Maniac – Sensitive Mara Hogtied for the first time

Mara is hogtied for the first time today. This hot day she’s dressed in ripped jeans, a t-shirt and a cap. Her hands are handcuffed and pulled to her feet. Tickle maniac is going to get torment her.
First he tickles her feet in socks, and then runs his fingers under the socks. Soon her fragrant socks were removed, and we can see Mara’s tasty and soft feet.

And most importantly they are very ticklish. Mara laughs from the touches, and maniac is making every effort to drive her crazy.
He takes a big feather and slowly tickle Mara’s feet. In the end the cap flies down from her head.
A little later he begins to bite her feet – Mara squeals and laughs a lot. Ticklish feet are her weakest point.
After some time the maniac lubricates her feet with a cream and begins to them with a yellow comb. Then bites her feet again.
Mara is already completely exhausted, she’s completely tickled.

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