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Tickle Therapy – MJ 2

Hadn’t busted this setup out in a while! Sealed and strapped up in a leather rest sack, MJ is laying facedown, peering through a hole straight down at a monitor setup to mirror what my phone is looking at – the soles of her trapped feet, and what’s about to happen to them! A leather strap harnesses her head, pinning it to the table so there’s no pulling away. I bind her big toes together onscreen and it begins!

Along with the usual staples (fingers, the black gloves aka Terrorizers, etc) 2 new items you can find on my Etsy shop appear here! The TGun and the Shrieker! The Shrieker is built specifically for vibrating between toes, and the other – well it has two attachments and works lovely, as you’ll see.

MJ certainly did – in a close up 4k monitor!

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