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Tickle torture girls with waving boobs in plastic cocoon by Alina

A small girl Zhenya with big boobs is already familiar to us from previous clips. She’s wrapped in a black plastic cocoon and tied to the cross by the hands. Her mouth is gagged and the chest is also wrapped. Alina begins her lecherous tickling, teasing and tickling under Zhenya’s armpits. She’s ticklish as hell there.
– “Suffer my dear!” Alina says. – “It doesn’t hurt”
Zhenya laughs and squirms, but can not do anything – she’s tightly wrapped in plastic.

A little later, Alina cuts the plastic on Zhenya’s chest and begins to torment her breasts and nipples, moving to her belly. She is teasing her nipples with her nails and looks happy.
After that, Alina starts biting her sides and stomach leaving traces of lipstick. And then breathes into the navel. It’s so sexy!
Later, Alina tears the plastic even more and passes to the tickling between Zhenya’s legs. She tickles her through her panties and glides on her hips.
Then Alina goes to the small neat feet. Zhenya’s feet are very ticklish and she tries to escape. But it does not work. Alina eagerly tickles her feet.
Next, Alina sits between Zhenya’s legs under the cross and tickles both feet together and then adds a cream to enhance sensations.
In the end, she goes around Zhenya tickling her in all places to knock her out with tickling. Well, now it’s done.

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