Tickled face down is really too much for Urbis



Length – 14:20

The ultra ticklish Urbis is now immobilized face down and she discovers that it is really too much to be tickled in this position.
Karine gives her the punishment of her life by attacking her soles, toes, legs, hips, sides and underarms till she becomes totally insane.
This is a great F/F tickle action with some great explosions of laughters because Urbis is as ticklish as Karine is a merciless tickler.

Karine thoroughly enjoys being the tickler but we’re not sure that Urbis could endure that for a long period because she absolutely can’t stand the situation.
She bursts out with uncontrollable laughter as fingers and brushes run on her horribly sensitive soles and toes.
Urbis is just wonderful with electrical reaction at each touch on her body and you really will see her suffering the tickle torture.

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