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Tickled for Bad Grades part 3

Kristyna Dark is well known in the bdsm and fetish scene and has shot several videos before including tickling videos. When I first reached out to work with her I showed her some of my clips and she knew I would be good at tickling her to hysterics. She definitely is very ticklish and enjoys it and she is amazing to work with.The scene that was set is she is the teacher of my child (Bobby) who is doing poorly in school. I have kidnapped her for tickle torture to ensure Bobby gets passing grades. There is some really fun banter between the two of us and it was a lot of fun to shoot. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did producing this.

In part three his poor teacher is now tied naked to the bed and tickled on her breasts, body, crotch, and more until she agrees to give Bobby the C he rightfully deserves (per Bobby’s father). I kept a lot of the banter at the end when there was no tickling because it was just too fun.

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