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Tickling Anna at Soviet flat and Belly

Scene 1:

Anna comes into the kitchen wearig a belly shirt that stops at the bottom of her ribs, showing her whole belly.
I am washing dishes in the sink. I see her come in and dry my hands.
Anna then goes to the cupboard, reaches up above her head looking for a snack, and I stand behind her reach around to tickle her belly button and stomach. Then I turn her around gently so she faces the camera, I pin her wrists above her head to the cupboard, and squeeze her stomach and play with her belly button.

She breaks my grip, and pushes away, then goes to the refrigerator, opens the door and leans in, reaching for some more food. She leans in and her ass is sticking out so I slap her ass, rub her bare back and tickle her sides and reach under her stomach to tickle it and poke her belly button some more.
She closes the refrigerator comes out with some food, and pushes me away again. She puts her food down on the counter and now I grab her from behind wrapping my arms around her belly and drag her over to the sink.

Now, I still facing the camera. I wrap one arm around her under her breasts and with the other hand take the wet sponge out of the sink I was doing dishes with. I smash the wet sponge over her belly button several times and scrub her belly with it. Then I smash the wet sponge below her belly button and scrub her belly with it. Then I smack her wet belly with my open palm. Then I drill her belly button with my finger.
Now she’s mad at me because I got her pants and belly wet so she leaves the kitchen to change her wet pants and underwear. The camera fades to black.

Scene 2:

She comes into the sitting room wearing the same belly shirt but now low waisted jeans. I am on the couch watching TV and I get up and put my arm around her waist and with the other tickle her stomach and poke her belly button. She tells me to leave her stomach alone but I tell her that if she wears this belly shirt this is what she gets.
I rub and play with her belly some more and hook and tickle her belly button some more.
After tickling her stomach and belly button for awhile she sits down on the couch and reclines back on the couch, so her upper body is at a 45 degree angle with her arms stretched out to the side, she is looking very relaxed.

She is trying to watch TV. But I sit down next to her and I rub and play with her stomach and play in her belly button, sticking my fingers in it and hooking it and tickling it. I also smack her stomach several times.

She pushes my hand away and tries to concentrate on the TV. But I keep tickling and rubbing and playing with her stomach and poking and tickling in her belly button. I and she start to wrestle as she tries to block my hands and I keep tickling her belly and belly button.
Finally Anna turns off the TV, stands up and faces me. She puts her hands on her hips and asks me do I like what I see? Do I like her stomach? Do I like her belly button? And do I like playing with her belly? And what else am I going to do to her belly?
I kneel down and lick and kiss and nibble all over her belly. I lick down deep in her belly button too. I get a close up of her belly and the belly button licking.

Then I unbutton Anna’s jeans and pull them down and she steps out of them. She is still wearing the belly shirt and just her panties. She still stands with her hands on her hips. I lick and nibble below her belly button.
Then she starts vacuuming, and I bother her with tickling her hanging tummy.
Then I stand up, go behind her, and run my hands up and down and side to side over her belly and lower belly and sides. I play with her belly button and tickle deep in it. Then I put my arms around her belly and pull her away and the camera fades out.

Scene 3:

Now we see Anna laying on the bed on her back, still wearing the belly shirt and just her panties. The camera looks down on her belly.
Her wrists are tied to the head board of the bed. I kneeling on the floor to the side of Anna.
Now I can tickle her belly, smack her belly. I tickle her belly and poke it with a pen, coins and a ruler.
Then I run ice all over her belly, fill up her belly button with water, and stick an alka seltzer pill in it.
Watch it bubble and fizz up in her belly button. After it bubbles and fizzes, I dry her belly and clean out her belly button.
The camera leaves with a picture of her lying on the bed in her belly shirt and panties before it fades out.

Scene 1: Anna comes into the kitchen wearig a belly shirt that stops at the bottom of her ribs, showing her whole belly. I...

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