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Tickling blindfolded game – Agata, Marica, and Aksinya vs Lisenok and her Revenge on three friends

By Dero

We haven’t seen fresh clips from Dero for a long time! Today we have a tickling game.

Here’re are a few charming participants (AgataMaricaAksinya) and all are located around the host of the game – Lisenok, whose eyes are blindfolded.

Each represented participant is handcuffed and have chains at their feet. It is difficult for them to move. As soon as the music starts playing, the girls start walking around the room, while Lisenok waits for the end of the song. When the music stops, Lisenok begins to carefully search for the participants. Girls can run from place to place. Lisenok must catch them all!

After capturing a participant, Lisenok takes off her outerwear, leaving her topless.
In the end, when all the participants have been caught, according to the rules of the game, now the participants must move in pairs. And here Aksinya and Marica lost – Lisenok tickled them properly.

The last stage, Lisenok strips topless. The other girls are also topless and blindfolded. And after the music starts, Lisenok moves around the room ALSO blindfolded. Her task is not to be caught by the participants.
Of course, Lisenok was caught soon and tickled by all three girls.

But we left for her a small prize – a revenge. And at the end Lisenok will tickle three girls who are blindfolded and locked in stocks!

By Dero We haven't seen fresh clips from Dero for a long time! Today we have a tickling game. Here're are a few charming...

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