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Tickling eastern hot girl with big feet on the shore

Length - 16:23
- 1080P -
Published 6 December, 2021

Beautiful eastern girl in a dark outfit goes along the coastline. She leaves beautiful traces of her bare feet. The wind rustles her hair and she begins to dance beautifully. Her feet are touching the warm sand, she’s moving her hips, and the sand envelops her beautiful body.

Suddenly, an unknown guy comes up behind and covers her mouth with his palm. And now she is sitting on the sand in the soft fetters on the hands and feet. Her beautiful big feet will be tickled soon…

He starts to tickle her soles and lubricates them with a cream. Then he takes a hairbrush and tickles her, it’s amusing her. Unknown carefully touches between her long toes, and then with a comb. He creates a ticklish feeling for the beautiful girl.
Then he tickles her feet with a twig. She likes it very much. A pleasant tickling makes her laugh.

At the end he comes up behind and touches her ribs. She is very ticklish there and laughs playfully. Finally, she is lying on her back – he tickles her armpits with a twig. Her armpits gets sweaty a little and she feels even more ticklish now and laughs cutely. Next he tickles her sides and navel with his hands. The navel is very sensitive, and he tickles it very carefully and sensually.

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