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Length - 12:26 -
Definition - 1080P

Tickling footmodel Grace feet

Grace is a footmodel. She is 27 and loves to show off her feet. It has a size of 40 EU. She agreed to sessions with me because it is new to her. She didn’t even know how sensitive her feet are !!! In the first clip, Gracja is sitting on the couch and I start to tickle her feet with my toes. She giggles and her feet shake when tickled. She then tickles her soles and toes with a feather and a spur. She likes it.

The grace goes crazy when her feet are tickled with the hairbrush. She laughs loudly and her feet are shaking even more. The real tickle madness begins when she tickles her hair with a hairbrush, smeared with massage oil. Her laughter is music to the ears and her feet are perfect for tickling.

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