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Tickling of Katrina’s soles on a special foot arching device

Katrina is fixed on the bench with straps, her mouth is wide open with a big ballgag (by the way, Katrina likes gags, this is rare among girls).
Her feet are in a special tickling device, which presses on her toes, bending them back. Thus, her feet are well arched, and the skin of the soles is tauter, making them even more sensitive.
And so, Katrina finds herself in a helpless state and have to endure everything that I do with her gentle feet. I drive a fork along her soles, apply Wartenberg’s pinwheel, a blade, tickle her with an electro-toothbrush, lubricate them with cream, tickle with a comb and my hands.

I like to watch Katrina’s reaction during the process, her laughter, and her suffering. Sometimes she makes very big eyes, I love that too. The camera shoots the general plan as well as close-ups of her feet, thereby covering the foot fetish theme in this clip.

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