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Length - 18:57 -
Definition - 1080P

Tickling Therapy

Ann- patient, Yuno- doctor Ann was admitted to the asylum for female hysteria, and Dr. Yuno has accepted her treatment. Ann is wearing only a straitjacket and panties for a night in a cage. She realizes that the door has not been locked and therefore tries to escape. However, it turns out that all this is just a staging and test by Dr. Yuno was, because she is already waiting for Ann at the next door. She is immediately stunned by Yuno. When she wakes up she realizes that she is tied.

Her feet are fixed. Yuno starts to tickle Ann, telling her that she is in big trouble and that both will have a lot of work to do. At this moment Ann realizes that she is in a very serious situation and implores Yuno that she will never again try to escape and will always be decent otherwise. Yuno replies that she already knows that and now does not follow punishment but “only” brainwashed. To do this, she start to tickle her feet. Of course, Ann immediately starts begging for Yuno to quit, but declares that she only stops when Ann begs to continue with the paintbrush. This is called reverse psychology and is very effective.

It takes quite a while until Ann’s nerves are ready until she begs Yuno for the paint brush but when she finally gets it she gets the promised little break. As Yuno continues, the game begins anew and Ann is now begging for the toothbrush. Very cruel but this therapy is the most effective. For the final she beg for hairbrush and as soon as she gets it, Ann has to beg to stay in this treatment forever and be tickled every day for hours.

Of course, to tickle this out of Ann, Yuno has to do all the tricks with the hairbrush, but luckily she knows them all too. Afterwards, Ann finally gets back into her cage to rest and the audience is looking forward to the next days.

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