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Ticklish exhaustion of Alla – Her beauty long toes with oil and very ticklish reaction

Alla looks very beautiful and her makeup is graceful. She also wears sexy fishnet stockings. She lies on her stomach swaying her feet and then takes off her stockings and greases her feet with plenty of oil, slowly and sensually.
Next, Alla is in translucent underwear and is tied with black tape to the bench. Today she is especially ticklish and afraid of an upcoming tickling. Her mouth is taped. I go up and start to tickle her body and armpits with gloves – Alla goes crazy and cries out “Do what you want just don’t tickle me!”.

I want to tickle her even more after that words and my fingers run over her delicate armpits and waist and I look at Alla’s reaction, her beautiful face is in ticklish exhaustion.
Now I switch to her long and sexy feet, which are also sensitive and torment them with my hands and massage brush. In the end, I return to the armpits and we see a close-up of Alla’s suffering.

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