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Ticklish games of girlfriends and playful tongue + four hands tickle

Definition - 1080P
Length - 23:41


Two girls get together on the bed for ticklish games. The long-haired girl begins with a tickling of her friend’s feet, she moves her nails across the nice feet and then starts to rub a bit with a brush.
After that, she begins to tickle the armpits and bite a sexy belly of her gorgeous friend who is already cuffed to the bed.

Then we tickle her with four hands to make the girl sonorously laugh, she looks very kinky under our hands.
After a while the ladies switch the roles, the sweet one with a bun begins to tickle tunned, slim body of the long-haired girl, then she lifts friend’s legs up and bites her belly and hips.
Next, she runs her fingers across the stomach of the long-haired girl. We finish with a four-handed tickling of her armpits and hips, reaching a very ticklish response.

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