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Ticklish Kristy and unmerciful Doctor Tickling with New super Device

Kristy is a nurse, she’s researching the area for some important scientific evidence here. For some reason, no one has yet been able to find them. Everybody disappeared mysteriously.
Kristy was walking along a corridor and suddenly heard a noise, apparently, an old chair cracked. Kristy entered the doorway as a mad doctor pounced on her from behind…

Kristy woke up in a chair, not understanding anything. She was already tied. It was merciless Doctor Tickle, he began to take off the girl’s jacket and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her lingerie. He began to tickle her sides and stomach. Kristy began to laugh from tickling. Her eyes were blindfolded so she didn’t see the crazy doctor.

The doctor had found her medical history and he knew which places to press to drive Kristy crazy. He tickled her sides and waist bones, and Kristy screamed at the top of her throat.
Then the Doctor took up her feet, placing them on a stand, he began to tickle her feet through nylon socks. Kristy was very ticklish that day!

Then he took off one sock and tickled for a long time either the foot in the sock or the other foot without the sock. He applied a cream and used a toothbrush to tickle poor Kristy. Then he pulled out his super device – a spinning brush with a long handle. The brush tickled Kristy’s feet intensely.

Then he positioned Kristy on a cross, she was wearing sexy clothes and glasses. The mad doctor began to tickle her upper body mercilessly. In response, he heard many shouts, laughter, and pleas for mercy…

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