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Ticklish poker – Triple agonising game with Susanna, Kristy and Iraida

By request
Three girls were going to play one card poker – they sat down at a table. Three sexy pretty girls. I wonder who of them will lose and get a portion of tickling? I hope everybody…
So, the first loser is Susanna – she is upset and her girls are leading her to chained to a leather mattress and torment her. Susanna is dressed in a short top, orange shorts and sneakers. Girls carefully take off her shoes. Iraida and Kristy settle on each Susanna’s foot. Now they will tickle her! Feet and belly, armpits, everything they can reach. Kristy tickles her feet very enthusiastic.
Next, the two girls tickle her upper body and Susanna prays for mercy. In the end, they both enjoy the tickling of Susanna’s feet while lying down beside her. Then they release her and the game continues.
The second round – and now Iraida loses. She is dressed in a top, leggings and white sneakers. Iraida is tied to the mattress and the girls tickle her feet, armpits, and sides. She goes crazy and laughs. In the end, they also tickle her sensitive feet together.
The third round – and Kristy had lost on this one. She wears sexy shorts, short top, and sneakers. Susanna and Iraida fix her to enjoy her torment because Kristy is very ticklish on her armpits and she has tender feet.
Both girls throw themselves on her upper body. Iraida unbuttons the shorts and bites her elastic ABS. Kristy is in a panic. Then the girls also tickle Kristy’s feet together.
And the last challenge – every girl will be tied to a bench and tickled by other girls. It will be an active tickling of the sides and armpits, as well as feet using a brush and hand cream. Sometimes, even a card of the queen of spades tickles Kristy’s feet sometimes…

By request Three girls were going to play one card poker - they sat down at a table. Three sexy pretty girls. I...

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