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Tonya got captured after jogging – Tickling by two for a sweaty babe

By John

Tonya comes home sweaty after jogging and is about to go to the shower when suddenly there is a knock on the door from. She opens it and two masked guys pounce on her. These two psychos followed her as she jogged.

Tonya found herself tied up in a dungeon with a sack over her head. She is sitting on a bench, her arms are raised above her head, her legs are tied, her feet are already bare. Tonya is very embarrassed, because her feet are very sweaty after running… The guys come up to her and start tickling her soles and armpits.

One oils up and tickles her bare feet, the other tickles her armpits and sides. They found out that Tonya is extremely ticklish. She doesn’t understand who these two are, she squeals, yells, twitches and laughs, because she hates tickling, besides, her feet and armpits are her weakest spots. But the tickers aren’t going to stop…

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