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Tonya is going mad! – Leya and Fekla tickling all the hell out of her

By John

Don’t tell me there’s no God, because if there wasn’t, this tickling challenge would have never seen the light of day. The other day I had an epiphany and I suddenly remembered that damn challenge we filmed almost four years ago and that it’s been waiting for its moment. This video can now be called a nostalgic retrospective in our best traditions.

In it, young friends, then-students LeyaFekla, and Tonya, are tickling each other for fun. The idea of challenge is simple – to tickle each other to crazy.
This time, Leya and Fekla tickle Tonya so much that she is on the brink of madness. At first, they tickle her armpits and sides with their bare feet and hands, and then they relentlessly tickle her feet, occasionally biting her cute toes.

I assure you that if Tonya had not been restrained at that moment, she would have just run away because she was so ticklish! 🙂
This challenge was from our very first shoot and our first meeting with the girls. These ticklers have absolutely no limits and tickle their victim like crazy. Enjoy!

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