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Topless Amazona tied on the bed and tickled

Height: 174 cm
Shoe size: 38 (8.5 US)

Amazona is tied up on the bed and we can see her beautiful and very firm tits. Her nipples are pierced.
Well, it’s time to check it her ticklish spots. The tickler comes and starts to explore her taut body. Her armpits had already started to sweat a little.

He runs his fingers across her ribs, rubs her waist, then plunges his fingers in her armpits… She enjoys and laughs. He also tickles her around her tits and nipples. Then he play a little with an electric toothbrush and tickle her sides, belly and below the belly. She loves it and it makes her horny.
– “Be careful, I haven’t sex for two weeks!” She said.
The shooting is done from two angles.
This is a hot and sensual clip for lovers of upper body tickling. Enjoy!

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