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Big Revenge 2 parts

A cute and super ticklish girl comes back to us at this brand new dynamic video!
I decided to put the two parts into one clip and call it “Big revenge” since that day I remember just with that. With my split lip…

Part1. MAGIC Tickling 2 – At this story, our heroine subjected to some magic once again. She falls into a trance and I give her orders to action. She is dressed in a shirt and shorts. Since the beginning she takes shoes off and takes off her shirt, the point is to make her feel my touches during the session.
Does she feel the tickling? Of course yes.

It is remarkable that anyone can feel a tickle on the distance – especially in the elbow bend area and on the palms. Because our heroine is very ticklish, she feels a tickling without touching, her imagination paints a terrible picture with tickling. Finally, I wake her up and begin to make real torture – by tying her to the bed. Then I tickle her ribs and stomach for a long time.

Part 2. HARD TICKLING for a kick. I continue to torture her and move on her feet. Not having to start tickling, I got a clear heel kick on my lip. I’ve got a small cut on the inside.
I got angry and started to tickle her. – “What do I tell my girlfriend?”
I tormented her feet for long. Her reaction was awesome – soft feet twitched from tickling, and she laughed.

Then the most extreme moment. With no mercy, I sat down at her and tickled very intensively. First I tickled her ribs until she was in hysterics. Then I cuffed her hands with handcuffs behind her back and continued to tickle the belly.

Then each foot individually (judo grip). I tickled her with no mercy. It was a tough day for her!

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