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Totally Helpless – Indica Jane

Length - 12:28
- 1080P -
Published 6 November, 2022

Hot AF Indica Jane arrived and was down for whatever I threw at her! That’s what I love to hear! Once we shot the Tickle Table, then No Safeword (unreleased as of right now…it’ll be here, promise!)  I offered up Totally Helpless. She smiled, shrugged and said let’s do it!  Awesome.  Straightjacketed, panel gagged, deafened, and blindfolded, her legs are strapped in leather, with her bare feet bracketed, fully exposed. Time to make the donuts! If you’ve seen this series at all you know what to expect. Her senses taken away, she only has one place to concentrate, making her ordeal far worse. Poor girl.

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