Triple tickling madness: Full video



Length – around 28 mn (2 clips)

Guys, this clip is crazy! We managed to put together three beautiful girls and make them a real tickling amusement. Three girls and three different and very active reaction.
At first we had a little interview – three girls are sitting in front of camera and I have a conversation about their response to tickling, they tell their sensitive places, next I tickle them a little bit to check the reaction (with subtitles).

Pasha sits on the left side of the couch, she admitted to us that she’s crazy ticklish on the ribs and armpits. And look on her t-shirt – Pasha’s expression during the tickling will be the same as the character on her shirt. She’s ticklish on the feet too but not as much as on the upper body.
Dunya sits in the middle, she says that she’ss very sensitive on the feet, on the upper body, and she doesn’t know her reaction (subsequently turned out that she has an explosive reaction almost everywhere around her body).

Glasha sits on the right, she says that she’s ticklish on the ribs and armpits and possibly also on the feet, but she’s not sure, so we will check it empirically.
After a short conversation with them and test their reaction (subtitled), we arrive at the conclusion that the three of them need to bind to the same positions on the couch and tickle with no mercy. Girls isn’t opposed.
So, the girls are already tied and the real fun begins. Tickling madness. It’s rare to find such a response at the three girls at the same time.

Glasha has very sensitive armpits and ribs and she has a good laugh from the delicate touches. She twitches strongly.
Dunya simply can’t stop laughing until I touch her ribs, her laugh is funny and cute.
When I tickle Pasha, it seemed that the devil comes out from her, and I’m like a priest make an exorcism. I haven’t seen such reaction before. It seemed that she would have a heart attack because of tickling.

And so here’s the first part of the Triple tickling madness. Here I tickle upper body of three girls which are tied to the couch.
In the next part I will move on to tickling their bare feet. Enjoy!

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