Two girlfriends. Dina tortures Laura by tickling


Length – 10:52

Warning! Very ticklish reaction!
The main places for tickling:
the feet, the area between legs, upper body.
Basic devices: hands, feathers, toothbrush.

Well, the charming Laura is tied up on the couch. she is crucified by ropes and securely fixed. She will not be bored for a long time, because her friend Dina is going to her. Dina has frenzied eyes, she’s full of excitement.

I told Dina: Torture Laura with tickling until exhaustion, I want to see Laura goes crazy from the way you tickle her. Dina nodded, her eyes immediately filled with cunning and excitement. Dina goes to Laura and starts to perform the task. I take the camera and begin to shoot this tickle madness… Enjoy!

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