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Unbearable tickling for the beautiful Gabi part 2

This is part 2 of Gabi’s unbearable tickling. In this video she lies on her belly and is clueless to what is happening to her extremely ticklish body. After the first part, Gabi’s skin is even more sensitive to every touch on her skin. Even the lightest stroke of a feather on her feet and belly drives her completely insane. She begs for the torment to stop during the whole video. But no mercy is shown to her. The tickler begins his “tickle lecture” on her soft, creamy, crazy ticklish feet. With feathers and fingers, he causes Gabi to fill the room with her sexy, arousing laughter. After her feet, he moves to her belly and sides, which are even more ticklish now, than in the first video.

Once she understands that her sides will be tickled with feathers, Gabi panics and begins to beg and laugh uncontrollably. Next are the ultra ticklish armpits, and here Gabi cracks completely. This is undoubtedly a ticklish hell for her. More screaming, begging and most importantly-pure, arousing laughter of an innocent beauty will leave you a tingling sensation starting from your stomach and going all the way down there. The video is entirely subtitled in English for full enjoyment.

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